Shaping a sustainable future for RFID.

Eco-friendly inlays, tailor-printed in the heart of Europe, for integrators, convertors, label manufacturers and more

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Do you prefer a European manufacturer?

Joaneo’s RFID antennas and inlays are produced on-site in Luxembourg, from design to distribution. Our compact supply chain gives us independence from outside providers and imports.


Do you want sustainably prod-uced antennas and inlays?

Joaneo’s recyclable antennas and inlays are created from locally sourced materials. We only use FSC-certified paper. Our additive printing process uses no water, no chemicals and no vacuum, which results in very little waste. The print run is the exact amount you need, with no minimal commitment.


Do you need a customized inlay?

Joaneo’s production process is collaborative and determined by your specific needs. This includes your inlay’s shape and design, your choice of technology (RFID, UHF or NFC), your substrate requirements and transponder type, and your desired number of antennas. If you require a standard antenna or inlay format, we offer a pre-designed selection of those as well.

Introducing Joaneo:
Customized printed electronics on a paper substrate

The future of RFID is already here. Eco-friendly, fully European and tailor-made.


Printed antennas and inlays for RFID and NFC applications

Joaneo’s printed antennas and inlays support both RFID and NFC applications. We offer a variety of paper-based and recyclable inlays. All our printed electronics are manufactured to the latest industry standards and tag-converting specifications. Whether you require accuracy for your tracking and logistics, or authenticity, a Joaneo inlay will meet your RFID and NFC needs.

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Customized services

We are manufacturers who provide a customized service. We design your antenna in a shape that meets your requirements. We select the right substrate for your project. Our printed electronics are chip agnostic. We configure the antennas with the appropriate technology (RFID, UHF, NFC or a combination). If you need a pick and place service, Joaneo can provide that as well. From design to prototype to production, Joaneo works with you to create and customize your antenna or inlay.

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Eco-friendly and
flexible production

Our entire production process is set up to minimize waste and our carbon footprint, from our additive printing technology to locally sourced materials to recyclable paper inlays.

How can Joaneo’s printed inlays help you comply with your corporate social responsibility?

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« Joaneo is a natural evolution for Victor Buck Services, leveraging 20 years of printing experience to offer innovative printed electronics solutions for the ever-growing RFID market.

Our clean-room production facility for state-of-the-art NFC and RFID inlays and antennas are set to fulfil our customers’ need for eco-friendly products, made in the heart of Europe. »

Stéphanie Noël - CEO, Victor Buck Services

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