About Joaneo

Joaneo prints electronics.

The concept of printed electronics was, to us, simply a logical advancement of our extensive printing experience in view of existing RFID production technology. Why not merge the two into a sustainable, efficient and customized production process? We made this concept a reality and built our facility in Luxembourg. All aspects of design, manufacturing and shipping take place from this single location, in the heart of Europe.

Joaneo (pronounced Jzho-ah-nee-oh) is named in honour of Johannes Gutenberg. As his moveable-type press shaped the future of the printed word, so too is Joaneo shaping the future of printed electronics.

With the precise application of conductive ink, Joaneo’s antennas and inlays can transmit and receive RFID and NFC signals. These signals carry the pre-programmed functions and information our clients require. From tracking and logistics to consumer engagement, our printed electronics provide you with secure and high-calibre RFID and NFC applications.


Joaneo is the printed electronics brand of an established leader in the printing and document management industry: Victor Buck Services (VBS). It is VBS’s innovation strategy that calculated and assessed the growing demand for RFID and NFC antennas and inlays. We combined our research and development and twenty-plus years of experience in industrial printing to create Joaneo: our own brand of printed electronics.

VBS is 100% a subsidiary of Post Group Luxembourg, a state-owned company.


Sustainable and tailored production


Joaneo’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility is essential to our tailored production process:

  • Our additive printing technology uses no water, no vacuum and no chemicals, resulting in very little waste compared to other techniques, such as etching
  • Our paper antennas and inlays are recyclable. Once their job is complete, our clients can easily deposit them in any standard recycling facility
  • Inlays are made in Luxembourg and shipped from the same location, resulting in reduced transportation costs and a low carbon footprint. Materials are sourced locally as much as possible
  • We produce the number of inlays you need. There is no minimal commitment. Our printing capabilities allow us to print the exact amount of required inlays. Even small print runs are welcome and easily accommodated.

Careers - Joaneo is hiring

We are always looking for talented and dynamic people to join our growing team! Are you knowledgeable,
personable and passionate about innovation? Upload your CV and cover letter here, or email both documents to us at hr@victorbuckservices.com