Joaneo: Printed electronics products and services

Joaneo’s printed RFID and NFC inlays are made to perfectly fit your application. How can electronic inlays serve your business? Tell us what you need and we will build the best solution for you.

Joaneo’s printed antennas and inlays

Joaneo’s priority is printing the highest possible yield and quality of RFID and NFC antennas and inlays. Once produced, all antennas and inlays go through a rigorous and fully automated quality assurance including visual and RF performance testing.

Our UHF antennas

RFID tags are most often required for track and trace applications, commonly in manufacturing and retail. The main advantage of  UHF is that it can perform bulk readings from a distance by using dedicated readers. The result is greater visibility of the supply chain and increased inventory accuracy.

Joaneo’s inlays are produced to the latest UHF standards.


Our NFC antennas

NFC applications are most often used in retail and consumer engagement, although their use is expanding into other areas, especially security, identity verification and tamper evidence. These antennas and inlays allow two devices to communicate with one another when they are brought in close proximity. The technology is becoming more accessible as NFC readers are embedded in almost every smartphone.

Joaneo’s inlays are produced to the latest NFC Forum TYPE 4 & 5 and ISO standards such as ISO14443 and ISO15693. And we can even print the isolating bridges for you.



The latest multi-frequency IC developments allow Joaneo to create more sophisticated inlays, and combine UHF and NFC technologies in a single chip solution.

Merging the strength of near field communication with the wider reach of UHF allows you, for example, to combine track and trace capabilities with consumer engagement.


Customized services

Joaneo works with you to design the shape of your antenna or inlay, select the correct substrate and configure the right technology for your application


Would you like your antenna to be a specific shape? Joaneo’s designers will work with you to create an inlay that complements your product’s measurements and existing style. We will consider the overall look and feel, as well as the choice of substrate and the technology that works best for you (RFID, UHF, NFC or a combination).

Joaneo is chip-agnostic and works with ICs from leading global manufacturers, including NXP™, STMicroelectronics™ and EM Microelectronic™.

Joaneo has streamlined the prototyping process to ensure a fast turnaround time. Prototyping is an essential pre-production step. We find the perfect configuration for your inlay through testing and evaluating different ideas and substrates. Because our prototyping process is so quick, we can run several trials for you in no time at all. When you are fully satisfied with the prototype, that is when we scale up print production runs.

Joaneo is the home of paper-printing experts and we will gladly advise you on the best paper substrate for your inlay. We also support other substrates, including PET, PP and Teslin®. Contact us with your RFID inlay requirements and we will give you our professional and comprehensive recommendations.

Joaneo’s customized production process means a wide variety of production options for you. These include dry and wet inlays, roll-to-roll and sheet to sheet printing, specific steering marks, and adaptable layout and antenna positioning on the substrate.

Every project has its unique requirements. There is no one size fits all solution. There is only what is right for you. We believe in working with our customers to provide the solution they want and need. Let us know your project requirements and we’ll print a customized antenna or functional inlay for you!

Joaneo: For all sectors of industry

Joaneo tailors our RFID and NFC inlays to enhance your business, to meet your requirements, to solve your problems. Take a look at the following examples and start imagining the possibilities for you:

Health icon



All sectors of healthcare are benefitting from RFID inlays. Pharmaceutical companies can ensure their medications remain sealed throughout the supply chain. Hospitals, laboratories, personnel and suppliers of medical equipment can also maintain patient confidentiality, easily track biomedical samples and improve treatment efficiency. For a practical application of our inlays in the health industry, please see HealthIT’s use case in our News section.

Retail icon



This is probably the biggest sector to benefit from RFID and NFC antennas. We can’t list all improvements, but we can certainly try: shipping, tracking, inventory, authentication, tamper-proofing, anti-counterfeiting, grey market detection and diversion, and consumer engagement, to name just a few. The latest NFC evolutions allow for the use of web authentication, which broadens your possibilities even further. Just ask MusiCards, one of our clients. They asked us to develop a visually striking and inventive NFC antenna that utilized web authentication for their products. Please see their use case in our News section for more.

Food icon



RFID tracking simplifies compliance with any legal requirements to track the origin of your products. Our inlays also allow you to monitor factors relating to food freshness such as temperature, humidity and other. Any changes will trigger an alert, giving you enough time to take action and save your shipment. Paper inlays can be used to seal wine bottles and other liquids. The status of the inlay throughout the supply chain will let you know if the bottle’s contents have remained safe or not. Please see the tamper loop use case in our News section for an overview of this technology.

Secured documents icon

Secured documents


Joaneo inlays can be printed directly on your documents to secure your RFID-enabled official documents, such as diplomas or certificates. This guarantees authenticity, traceability, and recipient confirmation.

What applications have you imagined? Tell us and we’ll design a unique solution for your business!