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MusiCards: Revitalizing the musical experience with an NFC inlay

Use case

Update date

March 2, 2022

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5 minutes

The challenge:

These days, music is often sold as digital files. How can MusiCards sell songs and audio recordings as physical products?

Joaneo’s solution:

Joaneo worked with MusiCards to revive music cassettes through NFC technology. We printed a visually striking NFC antenna on paper. When customers activated the tag and tapped the ‘cassette tape’ to their phone or device, the antenna immediately enabled the download of the entire audio recording. Unique features of this antenna include:

  • A physical package that makes digital content more valuable and enhances the customer experience
  • An NFC tamper-proof loop design facilitates copy protection, which benefits musicians and artists
  • Validation of purchase
  • Custom content management
  • Eco-friendly production and the FSC-certified paper substrate can easily be recycled.

The result:

MusiCards now has a tangible and unique product they can sell to customers. They have a wider audience reach as they’ve provided the best of both worlds to two different markets: those who prefer a physical product and those who prefer digital files. Copyright protection of artists’ work has been improved. Joaneo’s paper-printed NFC antenna is more than the service, it’s the actual product.

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